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More and better about this beautiful martial art. Its beginnings, foundations, ideology and methodology.
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Te damos la bienvenida al sitio web oficial de la Asociación Mexicana de Hapkido, en donde podrás conocer
más y mejor acerca de este hermoso arte marcial. Sus comienzos, fundamentos, ideología y metodología.
Así como también el alcance positivo de sus aplicaciones en la vida diaria.

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World Hapkido Championship 2017

Mexico is proud and even more the State of Nuevo Leon, when we received the opportunity to be the host of this great event, the World Hapkido Championship 2017.
Aware of the enormous responsibility that is to organize and develop a world-class event. We have given ourselves the task of focusing on aspects that give us greater visual projection and invite each Hapkido practitioner around the world to be a part of it, but also more and more people in Mexico to join our great Global Hapkido family.

The preparations have been constant and arduous, but without a doubt the knowledge that the accomplishments and the goals are being fulfilled on the way to this great event, fills us with a big satisfaction. To all competitors and members of the different Hapkido associations in the world, we hope you enjoy this event as much as we have been doing since the moment we started to prepare all the ingredients for this important date.

Waiting for you with arms wide open and a warm welcome Hello, on behalf of our representatives of the Mexican Association of Hapkido we welcome you to this World Hapkido Championship 2017. Hapki !!

México se enorgullece y más aun el Estado de Nuevo León, al recibir la oportunidad de ser anfirtión de este magno evento, el Torneo Mundial de Hapkido 2017. 
Conscientes de la enorme responsabilidad que es el organizar y desarrollar un evento de talla mundial. Nos hemos dado a la tarea de enfocarnos en aspectos que nos den una mayor proyección visual e inviten a cada practicante de Hapkido al rededor del mundo, pero también a más y más personas en México a unirse a nuestra gran familia Global Hapkido.
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